Cutino e Manuel english

shedule character Paolo

Date Posted: October 25th, 2016, 3:58 pm

Author Notes

Do you want to more know about the protagonist? here's their story
Pierpaolo lotti (called Paolo or Cutino) is a guy very careless and sensitive hight 170 cm,he loves videogames and eat sweets. An only child, he loses his father when he was only 5 months grew with his widowed mother and I both have a beautiful confidential relationship. His adolescence was not easy at all, has always been insulted by his peers for his sexual orientation though he never uttered ever word about but his classmates had noticed that Paolo had a strong interest for the male students. Went through a period of depression, misses a school year and then moved to another school where he met Marta, a girl who has managed to raise entirely Paolo from his depression though unfortunately in the school was the same problem of homophobia but this time managed to live it in a different way and to make friends with his first friend Manuel Costela which Paolo realizes immediately that he desperately in love.
- interest-
His favorite animal is the panda
-up to the second year of hight school Paolo wore had blonde long hair
he's sexually attracted by guys with muscle and mainly
-the most sensitive body's part is the ear, if in fact the guy which is attracted to the whispers in his ear, excites him and could pull off the hidden ''seme'' hidden on him